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Haven't had a good sandwich nor a good experience with delis in a long time, and this spot changes everything. Sandwich is more than made to order, it is on point exactly what you would want. After eating I actually had the feeling of ordering again but to try something different, and the owner knows how to handle the business well. Keep doing your thing guys


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The hands here are great. Responsive to the universal need for food to momentarily abolish hunger. Add a bit more fries and this deli would have no competition being the best. Also, the honey mustard should be a tad more sweeter. Great food and service


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It's a good restuarant and the food is good as well, I ordered kind of late so i guess that's why my food was late, bit at least it was hot


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Have ordered many food from here. Their the best! They make the food exactly how you want it


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I order here way too much. About time I left a good review. Love this place.

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Columbia Deli is the best deli in the area. They have the best curly fries and NO ONE can compete with their chopped cheese. Theyre always on time, food is always hot, and they will always call if they dont have something in stock. 5 out of 5, would highly recommend!


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I love when a little deli around the corner from my apartment makes food this good. Great stuff and not expensive which is great for a new comer like me in new york.


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These guys were wonderful! I made a mistake and overpaid and they went out of their way to bring me back change. Super super speedy and awesome!


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I like Columbia Deli. They are usually prompt and communicative if changes to the order have to be made. They're my go-to deli in the Heights.


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Great food- always reliable, will definitely order again. Switched to them from my previous deli!

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